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About Us

Julie’s Story

The Deborah Company UK was launched as a result of several remarkable supernatural events – as God began to give me a vision for a great army of praying women across the UK. Rod and I began our work in England in 1985 leading training schools, prayer schools and strategic gatherings. The first was in the Maidenhead Town Hall, and the Lord told me then, it would be the first of many.

Cindy’s Story

In 1999, I was in the city of Barcelona, Spain, with my friend Julie Anderson. After an excellent dinner in that beautiful city, we retired for the night. Around three a.m., I was awakened by a voice, “Wake up! I want to talk with you! I am Gabriel and I am here to give you a message from God.” I did not see him; nonetheless, I had no doubt that he was who he said he was.

 Fight Like a Girl

Righteousness & Justice

Deborah Company women are dedicated to righteousness and justice in the nations of the earth. This is accomplished through prayer, compassion missions, transformational projects and mentoring.


Come together and form one mass or whole. Deborah Company women have a voice, both individually and collectively.


The Deborah Company UK is an international network whose members can be found in all sectors of society. We are mothers and sisters, politicians and educators, missionaries and doctors, prophets and ministers, administrators and authors, artists, performers and much more!

Mentoring the Generations

Debs are women of all ages – passionate about mentoring the generations and leaving a legacy greater than their own life.

Manifesto of Biblical Women’s Rights

“Changing the world one woman at a time”

Mission Statement: Empowering women to disciple their nations through a biblical worldview, emphasizing social justice issues that impact women, children and the poor. As women of the 21st Century, we believe that: The Creator of the universe, Almighty God, has given to us and has endowed these rights to all individuals.

Sanctity of Life: We believe individuals have the right to life from the point of conception to death. Therefore, no one has the right to take the life of another person through crime, abortion, euthanasia or assisted suicide.