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CHOSEN20 in London

28-30 October 2020


Abbey Road Baptist Church, 16A Abbey Road, London NW8 9BD

Join like-minded intercessors and worshippers as they gather in unity of heart to release a new sound and to bring a shift over the displaced powers of the music industry. A new sound is going to be heard coming out of the UK. Several years ago, we were seeking God in prayer as to how God’s church was to join next and how our beloved nation was to become a United Kingdom. Almost immediately the Lord said “I am looking for warriors of love, who are worshippers in war” and we saw churches coming together from different denominations and people from many different nations being touched by the power of music.

CHOSEN Workshop day

25th  January 2020


Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it?”

Ray Hughes is an internationally renowned speaker on worship and music, known for his expansive knowledge as a music historian. It has been said by recognised global leadership, that if you know nothing, or everything, about music and worship, you will still walk away from even a short encounter with Ray with something you didn’t have before. Ray is a treasure chest of revelation of who God is and what worship is, and he teaches a deep appreciation for how God has always created and spread LIFE through His sound.


15th – 18th August 2018



This year’s CHOSEN gathering is about God leading you into a deeper revelation of your destiny. Cindy Jacobs and Steve Dittmar, are uniquely gifted and anointed leaders, coming to equip us all prophetically in our destinies. Not only as individuals but as believers, who gather as a corporate body with our families and friends.








Deborah Company in Poland

26th – 28th October 2017


we pray, we change nations, we buy shoes

Join us and open your heart

We live in incredible times to worship and pray to God and discover His plan for our lives. God wants us to live in our heavenly destiny and change this world for Him.

The speakers will be:








16th – 19th August 2017


God is gathering his chosen ones this year.

Joining Us for 2017

GOD’S PROVISION this year is for us to enjoy hearing from PASTOR STEVE DITTMAR and a fresh ministry prayer team who are coming from Jubillee Church, Camarillo.  They will all speak and pray into our lives concerning expanding the intimacy we are developing in our relationship with Jesus.

RAY HUGHES will speak into our lives prophetically concerning our understanding of the sounds we carry and make which affect our futures and influence all those around us.

Special ladies afternoon Friday AUGUST 18th 2017 with special workshops this year led by:


 Loving – the Unconditional Way


 Interpreting Dreams


Your Voice Matters

Ray Hughes

8th April 2017


Habakkuk 3:1 A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet, set to wild, enthusiastic, and triumphal music.

1st Worship Workshop 2017

We are honoured to be joined by the amazing Ray Hughes, who will be empowering us through his unique, infectious teaching. Ray is passionate about training musicians, releasing creative people into their destinies, and launching them with purpose into the world and the church.

He is a prophetic historian who re-digs the wells of biblical, world and recent history for the purpose of releasing the fresh word of God for the kingdom today. Ray has travelled the world for over 40 years as an author, storyteller, songwriter, and musician.



Chosen Camp

17th – 20th August 2016

Ray Hughes

He has traveled the world for over 40 years as an author, storyteller, songwriter, and poet. He is passionate about creativity and training creative people.

Rod & Julie Anderson

Hosts – Senior Leaders

Steve Dittmar

Steve and his wife Cammy, have pastored Jubilee Church in Southern California for 25 years.

Chosen Camp 2016

This year 2016, God is leading us into deeper levels of revelations in our destinies. Uniquely gifted anointed leaders are coming to equip us prophetically in our destinies, not only as individuals but, as believers who gather as a corporate body with our families and friends.



D-Day May 2016

Change begins


Tiffany Buhler

UK Director of Burn 24/7 & Event Director of David’s Tent

Julie Anderson

Founder of the Deborah Company UK

Cindy Jacobs

Internationally Recognized Prophet to Nations & Individuals



D-Day January 2014

The original D-Day (6 June 1944) in the Second World War was the day on which Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy. It was the day on which an important operation began, and a change was to take effect.