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we host at the Barn

Authentic Life Workshop

The Authentic Lives WorkshopTM will help you to:
• Grow in understanding & confidence of who you really are
• Identify your core strengths and values
• Discover what uniquely fulfils you
• Identify gremlins that limit your potential
• Understand what gives you personal significance
• Plot out your 1 year, 3 year and 10 year goals
• Reach your potential at work, at home and at play.


Wagner Leadership Institute

A new way to study and grow for christian leaders.

A typical timetable for the weekend is – Friday: 10.30am start and 9pm finish (including meal breaks and tea/coffee breaks).  Saturday: 9.15am start and 4.30pm finish (including lunch break and tea/coffee breaks).

Location: Weekend courses take place at Ostler’s Barn, Thrandeston Road, Mellis, Suffolk, IP23 8DR.


Deborah Declaration Course 

We invite you to join our first online Deborah Declaration course, which has been developed to encourage and strengthen your faith each week. You will learn more about the power of declaring the God’s word over your circumstances and how to activate and release the spiritual authority given to us to bring about change.

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