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Deborah on line Prayer Court

Deborah on line Prayer Court

With today’s busy lifestyles it’s become impractical on several levels for many of us girls to meet regularly in person, for prayer and fellowship. To resolve this, we set up ‘Online Prayer Courts’. Since the initiation of the Deborah Company UK Online Prayer Courts nearly 4 years ago we have experienced a steady sustainability in establishing these monthly calls. With the practical use of media and technology, Julie Anderson is able to connect with Deborah’s on a monthly basis; sowing into their lives with the prayer and the Word.

The focus of these times of prayer are for ‘Families and Loved ones’   The team here at the Deborah Company UK have heard of incredible miracles of reconciliation and family members giving their lives to Christ. In some cases, immediately after the call as this one Lucy shares.

‘We prayed on the Deborah Company Prayer Court, and the next morning, before the court case Dans girlfriend, Lora gave her life to Jesus!’

(Sadly on August 29th, Lora only 19 years of age passed away, but now in heaven with our Father, we believe due to the praying that night for families, on the Prayer Court, that the Lord opened a door and softened a heart to receive salvation).

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If you would like to join us on the Deborah Online Prayer Courts please email debbie or julie @deborahcompany.org.uk and ask for the login details.  Or click (which ever works best on the website and CC)

Please put Online Prayer Courts in the subject.