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Deborah testimony shared


A praying experience over a loved one of declaring to them the Lord’s healing grace upon them with the words ‘awake my soul’ for their soul, mind and heart to be awakened to the healing touch of the Lord, to sing praise to Him, and for all in the nations to do this


Psalm 57:8 The Amplified Bible Classic (AMPC)

Songs of healing – being awaken


I spoke to my father. He love singing hymns, but he is not saved. I am pressing for him to be saved and to be revealed in Your word Lord. Awake my soul and sing. I said this slowly and repeated gently. It was the word to ‘awake my soul,  and sing’  I kept repeating this to my father. I know that there was some resistance to stop that experience to awaken my father  I just prayed , led him in the prayer of healing in his body. Something was released I prayed in the name of Jesus and he thank me.  God has made a way, – awake your soul and sing and he was being thankful  and he began to sing in a new way.


I had another way of revealing for young man who was in trouble: 

I spoke to him:

Jesus came into my soul- I believe that it was a journey of releveling  about the soul. It is real battle of the mind to pray life, to pray for the soul,  and it is the battle following the flesh , following the human or following the spirit, being united with the Kingdom of heaven.


Judges 5:21 The Message Bible (MSG)

March on, my soul, with might!


Judges 5:21 The Amplified Bible Classic (AMPC)

Oh my soul march on with strength.