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Julie’s Story

Julie’s Story

The Deborah Company UK was launched as a result of several remarkable supernatural events – as God began to give me a vision for a great army of praying women across the UK.

Rod and I began our work in England in 1985 leading training schools, prayer schools and strategic gatherings. The first was in the Maidenhead Town Hall, and the Lord told me then, it would be the first of many.

In 1999, Psalm 68:11 came alive for me: ‘The Lord gives the Word. And the women who tell the good news are many’ (New Life Version). The vision which grew was of thousands of women being strong spiritually and following the Lord Jesus as a great army, ready for spiritual war.

That year, I accompanied Cindy Jacobs on a speaking trip to Barcelona, Spain. On the second night I woke at about 3 am to find Cindy sitting cross-legged on her bed.

The room was filled with the most amazing sense of holiness. Cindy said, in a hushed voice, “Gabriel was here!”, She was visibly moved as she outlined what she had seen: she saw me on a white horse, and her on a brown horse riding across nations; thousands of women were following.

It was then I realized a heavenly vision and strategy had been given for more nations than our own. I knew a fresh call of prayer was coming to Europe.

The Bible story of Deborah had been catching my attention. Deborah was a judge; people came to her daily for her counsel and to sort out their differences.

She must have been an incredible woman. She received a word for Barak, the military leader, and gave him God’s plan to bring her nation to victory. She knew God’s timing!

I began to connect with modern-day Deborahs who were influencing the world in different spheres: in the market place, art, advertising, banking, education, government, technology, media, medical and security services.

Deborah made a difference to her nation’s future, and I felt called to make a difference in mine. On 7th July, 20 05 we gathered for an official lunch to launch the Deborah Company UK. It was that morning the bombs went off in London. Oppression increased noticeably in the London I knew and loved.

My story is that I simply want to make a difference, and I find myself joining with many other like-minded women, who care about the nation, the future, what picture we leave our children, what happens for the next generation.

It’s a story that is just beginning…