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Polish outreach

POLISH outreach

25 – 29 October 2017

Green Pastures Christian Leisure and Training Centre in Olszyna

We’re excited to announce a Deborah Company UK outreach to southern Poland from 25 – 29 October this year, and we invite you to join us for this adventure, or to help sponsor DCUK’s costs for the outreach if you’re not able to make it in person.


DCUK is working with the Green Pastures Christian Leisure and Training Centre, in Olszyna, Dolnośląskie, Poland, to host a three-day DC Poland women’s teaching and equipping gathering. The centre is set on a lake in beautiful, hilly surrounds. The speakers will be Julie Anderson, Joe Braker and Bobbi Kumari.

Julie Anderson

Joe Braker

Bobbi Kumari

Time of the conference

We will fly to Poland on Wednesday October 25th, and return to the UK on Sunday October 29th. The actual conference will be from Friday morning October 26th to Saturday evening October 28th. We are also invited to join the Sunday morning church service before we leave. We will arrange transport to and from the airport (provided you book the flight we recommend so we can ensure everyone arrives at the same time), accommodation, meals and registration.


Accommodation is at the Christian centre and consists of en-suite rooms, and you will be provided with three meals a day. There is free wifi and a small kiosk where you will be able to purchase drinks and snacks. Please see below video.


The cost, excluding flights, is £120 per person in total for 4 nights, including accommodation, meals, event entry and transport to and from the airport.

Flight options

We have two options with regards to flights: We can either fly to Prague in the Czech Republic with British Airways, from London Heathrow, for approximately £213 per person return (including luggage). The journey to the venue in Poland is approximately 2 hours but we would have time for a few hours of sight-seeing in Prague for those who would like to do that.

Or we can fly to Wroclaw in southern Poland on Ryanair, from Stansted Airport, for approximately £100 per person return (including luggage up to 10 kg and handbag). The journey to the venue is approximately 1 hour. We would like to keep the group travelling together so once you’ve decided if you are to come, let us know what your flight preference is and we will go with what the majority of people decide.

If you would like to join us on this outreach, please call us on 0300 777 2223 or email us by return before the end of August 2017.