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“Dear Deborah I want to thank you, Julie Anderson, I sense the move of God upon your lives and his presence. Julie’s message and focus was just God’s timing and good timing for me; may he expand your coast daily as you dwell daily in his presence.” ……..Moji

“Hi Debbie, It was great praying with you & all the other ladies today.”……..Sandra

When I divorced my children were 3 and 7.They are now 21 and 25.When Julie was praying I felt that I wasn’t alone. She prayed against so many things that are happening in my family. I wept not only for my family but also for all families. I took the call in my bedroom and just wept and wept. I now pray everyday that God would help me love my family the way he loves them and forgive them all the days of their lives as he has forgiven them. Thank You I did have Peace after all the tears”.……….Myra

“I was blessed when Julie prayed about seeing our family members in the light of God’s love and kindness towards them.  It helped me ‘jump over’ past offences and transcend my own limited thinking and opinions and understanding about them. I am especially praying for the restoration of a marriage in our family”………Pippa

“My first time on Live Online Prayer Court call was amazing.  It was so powerful agreeing with Julie in Prayer with people across the world. The time went so fast; It felt like just 5 minutes and I can’t wait till next month!!!”………..Rebecca

“What a wonderful time of prayer last night. I was beautifully impacted”…..…Marion

“Thank you for this evening so powerful.  We are so strong as a body of Deborah’s. As we meet on the airwaves we are coming up higher and higher”………….Veronica

“Thanks for the Deborah prayer time…. Really appreciate Julie, one of God’s Prayer Generals!”………Kate

“Thank you for sending the prayer notes which I find very helpful. I have found praying with other Deb’s each month for our families very encouraging and have see the Lord begin to change things in my family especially with my daughter! I know I would appreciate prayer for my responsibilities as a church leader and also for the work I do and my involvement in the Christian media” ….. Jennifer