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Uganda Compassion Project

…walk with them in a tangible and practical way , “Walk a Mile in my Shoes?” is the overseas mission and compassion arm of Elohim Church, Barlestone. The name is in recognition that although we are not able to walk in the shoes of some of those most in need, we can and do identify with the challenges of their daily life and desire to walk with them in a tangible and practical way.

The project provides shoes and school uniforms for children in Uganda and also fund projects which reach into communities to transform lives with the power of the Gospel of Christ. Every penny you give is spent on support for the most vulnerable, sick and orphaned.

Many, many families in Uganda are touched by the tragedy of AIDS. Youngsters of just 13 become the head of families orphaned by AIDS, TB or Malaria and every single minute another child is now born with AIDS (info from Tearfund). Daily food, clothing and life itself is a constant struggle for them. Many who are sick are unable to afford the most basic medical care. Average life expectancy is only 39 years.

In Kokoa, their first place of Christian worship has been recently completed, built in brick with many of the bricks handmade by the growing congregation, it is also a community hub now with a new bore-hole for clean water. The foundation is in place for a Primary School for the orphan children and plans are outlined for the purchase of a 5-acre adjoining site for just £1,500 on which to build an orphanage and training centre with a substantial cultivation area for self sufficient food supply.

Your support will enable the purchase of medicines for the local clinics, fund Business projects, give pastors bicycles, provide children shoes and give churches Bibles.