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Because of the Hundred Years War England was weak in and a state of near anarchy. Foreign possessions had been lost. Then followed civil strife, internal rivalry between sections of the country and factions in the nation – and Civil war – the Wars of the Roses (between the Houses of York and Lancaster). Note the parallels between that period of history and ours. i.e. two World Wars – loss of foreign possessions – Empire – weakening followed by internal strife – class strife, strife between sections of the population – weakening of institutions – divide between North and South.


The TUDOR ROSE was modelled on the wild rose – Pink – TUDOR ROSE was symbol of unity – began a new era in English history. England was led “out of medieval disorder into greater strength and broader times”. “Thwarted hopes became realities”. He brought prosperity. He “magnified the Crown without losing the cooperation of the Commons.” (all in quotes are from Winston Churchill in his history of the times.)
Out of the ashes of war and distrust came stability and unity. Out of rivalry and partisanship arose national pride – a turning away from self to a higher interest. This period began the Renaissance in England – new birth!

Realize this is all in the natural – therefore it did not last. Only when the FIRE – Holy Spirit – and the Rose (the Body of Christ – England) are one, will it last!!!! The Body in England specifically is the five-fold petalled rose. Women of England are being shown and brought to a place by The Deborah Company to receive God’s understanding and enabling to prepare the Way of the Lord – that the Holy Spirit may bring purifying, refining, reviving FIRE upon England. It shall be so and then – Isa. 61: 4