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Manifesto of Biblical Women’s Rights

“Changing the world one woman at a time”


The Deborah Company UK

Mission Statement: Empowering women to disciple their nations through a biblical worldview, emphasizing social justice issues that impact women, children and the poor. As women of the 21st Century, we believe that: The Creator of the universe, Almighty God, has given to us and has endowed these rights to all individuals.

Sanctity of Life: We believe individuals have the right to life from the point of conception to death. Therefore, no one has the right to take the life of another person through crime, abortion, euthanasia or assisted suicide.

1. Education:

We believe that every person has the right to an education in order to fulfill their God-given potential.

2. Family:

We believe that marriage between one man and one woman is the biblical foundation of the family.
We acknowledge that many families have been fractured and therefore, we stand with every parent living within the parameters of biblical worldview.
We believe it is a basic God-given right of every person to be involved in the fellowship of a family, regardless of age or marital status.

3. Government:

We believe that government is given by God to serve the people.
Therefore, we believe it is the God-given right of every citizen, regardless of race, gender or economic status, to elect to public office those who will govern them.

4. Church:

We believe that Jesus Christ is the one true God, the Creator and owner of the world. Every individual has the right to hear that Jesus is God and needs to personally accept Him Savior.
It is the role of the church to steward and reform His world back to a biblical worldview.
Therefore, it is the right of every person to have the freedom to share their faith in every institution of society.

5. Business:

We believe that biblical character and ethics are essential for the operation of righteous business to produce wealth.
We believe it is the right of every person to have a purposeful work with adequate provision.
Therefore we believe we are called to eradicate systemic corruption and poverty.


6. Arts and Entertainment:

We believe that arts and entertainment are an expression of celebrating our Creator and His creation.
We believe that arts and entertainment can provide rest and enjoyment in addition to an expression of the culture and should be consistent with biblical worldview.
Therefore, we are committed to develop such expressions.

7. Media:

We believe it is the role of media to inform, educate, investigate and report on issues related to the establishment of righteousness and justice in society. Fair and accurate reporting of the truth is essential for this to occur.
Therefore, we believe it is our right to freely express a biblical worldview through all media outlets and to disseminate information without censorship.