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Values we Treasure

Equality Before the Law

Irrespective of race, sex, religion or social status. Long upheld by Common Law.
Prov 24:23; Eph 6:9.

Freedom of Religion

And to change religion. The Act of Toleration 1689, Catholic Emancipation 1829. Recognised in Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.
Matt 19:16-22.

Freedom of Speech

Long cherished in the UK, protected by the courts. Recognised in Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.
Prov 18:13,17; 1 Thes 5:13.

Freedom of the Press

Accepted as part of democracy, regulated by the court. A traditional freedom.
Matt 22:37-40.

Freedom to Differ

One can be a loyal citizen of a state while regarding oneself as a citizen of a spiritual kingdom.
John 18:36.

Integration Tolerance

The tradition of accepting immigrants who are willing to be integrated.
Lev 19:33,34; Acts 10: 1-16.

Sanctity of Life

Unacceptable to incite violence or murder.
6th Commandment; Eccles 5:8; Matt 5:38-48.


The tradition of speaking the truth, keeping one’s and eschewing deception.
9th Commandment; Prov 23:23.


Jesus’ teaching.
Matt 6:14-15.

Rights of Women

From days of Suffragettes, it’s accepted woman have rights and freedoms equal to men. 1 Peter 3:7.


Long accepted that a man should have only one wife. Recognised that wives have equal legal rights not only in divorce but in the way they are treated, and also that all children have an equal right to education.